About Us


the ultimate shopping destination for the best outdoors and tactical gear in the market.


We know you are a discerning customer who deserves and requires only the best.

This is the primary reason why we offer only the latest outdoor and tactical gear to help you get more done with ease, and to simplify your life every step of the way.

We don’t only offer low prices, we also offer quality. Each and every one of the products that we offer bears the PrepForTheOutdoors mark of approval - an approval of excellence, durability, functionality and sleekness.

Each product that you find in our store has been carefully tested to pass our quality check and be sure that you receive high quality and durable items.

You’ll have heads turning when you use any of our product offerings. From camping equipment, to hiking, survival kits to other amazing products, we’ve got your back.

The idea of PrepForTheOutdoors Store was born from the need of finding the best gear at best prices.

Tim Robinson, the founder is passionate about hiking, camping and outdoor activities.

Many times, he ordered gear from different websites and ended up disappointed about the quality/price thus he decided to create the Prepfortheoutdoors.com an affordable store for all.

Over time, as the word spread, hundreds of happy customers benefited from our products and were fully satisfied with us.

To a great and prepared outdoor experience,
Prep For The Outdoors Team